My First Gundam

I've finally finished building my first Gundam Kits!This is a High Grade(HG) 1/144 Gundam G-Savior -Space Mode-. Since I'm not a very big fan of the anime (yet), so I can't really describe the history of this Kit. I don't really need to see the anime to admit that this is one hell of a badass robot and I build it basically because I enjoy doing it.

Gundam Model Kits have two ways of execution, by painting (and sometimes customizing) it or no paint at all. It is one advantage of Gundam model kits. Since the Kit itself has already colored by Bandai (even though with a pretty lame colors), simply by assembling it then the Kit is ready for display.As for this one, I already taking it to next level (for my standards of course). It has been re-painted with an airbrush, apply some water-slide decals, and some lining with 0.05 marker tip. It was a pretty expensive and tiring process, but it really give this whole feeling of satisfaction!This Kit is given to me by my girlfriend:D it was about two years ago (if she did not do that then I assume that I will never like model-kits). At first, I was only doing the assembly without any paint. Time goes by, I need more challenge and my dad gives me an airbrush set. Since then, there's nothing that hold me from re-building it!

Even though it is still far from perfect, everyone can see that the builder is a complete rookie, this kit will be the one that I'll always remember.


Marine Developer said...

gendeng... ga pernah denger gundam ini sebelumnya... liat aja deh gung exia+GN arms trans am mode harganya hampir 800k. u beli berapa gung??

JDF apa kabar???

agung prasetyo said...

ini gundam yg dari movie-nya (movie orang beneran lho, bukan anime)...
aku sih gak bakal beli gundam diatas 600rb (Insya Allah) soalnya aku kere --" mending beli murah dan dimodif biar keliatan mahal :lol:

JDF baik2 saja, tapi gak tau tuh masih sering meeting sabtu sore apa enggak hehe