Nendoroid L

One of the things that I love to do is collecting figures.

I really think that this hobby comes in one package with photography, because I don't wanna end up acquiring figures today, and already forget about it in the next day...
So here is my first step on taking my hobby to the next level.

I start off with a very ordinary mini photo studio, perfect for the poor and amateur photographer wannabe. Using a Fujifilm Finepix E510, a large paper for a background, and a flashlight with tissue to soften the lightning...o, by the way, I use books instead of tripod, and use my hand to hold the light.

The result is Nendoroid L
Nendoroids are figure line-up from Good Smile Company. They specialize on making chibi form of anime/manga character. It Comes with three changeable faces and some accesories. Nendoroids are pretty expensive and rare sometimes, but the uniqueness and cuteness makes it hard to resist.As for this character, he is L. The main character of "Death Note". He is a genius detective, with the intuition that could make Detective Conan pee in his pants. the gloomy attitude, the way he sits on chair, or how he hold cell phones is something that the Death Note fans would always remember.


Anonymous said...

sundul... tak bantu up up up

- - ichi - - said...

L nya keren. Sayang blon punya aq. T_T