Now this is insane!

This is not a work of photo editing, this is the Real Deal! A 1:1 scale Gundam is almost open for public in Japan!

This probably shows how the Japanese is always a step ahead of us. I'll explain the "a step ahead of us" part later on, because now I wonder what are the reason behind them being so smart? maybe the double nukes that blown up in their neighborhood creates this brain mutation as well as motivation... Take a look at the example like in technology, economy, etc. By the time Smart Phone becomes a hype in our society, every Japanese people already have one, even those who are not so smart have a Smart Phone. That explain why the Japanese are not so excited about iPhone. When we are being ignored by Microsoft in selling their Xbox360, Microsoft go crazy buying lots of Playstation 3's exclusive titles just to increase their market in Japan. When our government officials are trying their best to avoid being put at fault or resigning from their position if they're indeed proven so, their government officials are already killing themselves (literally) when they have scandals.

When I ,as a Gundam enthusiast (and I believe it's not only me), am complaining that the prize of aGundam model-kit always increases, the Japanese built a 1:1 Gundam...They're like mocking at us! They build such majestic-jawdroping-nonsense if I may say. I mean, why do they build this 1:1 Gundam? It is definitely not for Bandai's market reason. Without this 1:1, Bandai still getting lots of money from the people that complains about the increasing prize of a model-kit. My best guess is that it is build for attracting people to come to some amusement park located there. My second best guess is, that it is for some lazy blogger have something to write on their blog...for that I thank the Japanese.

Maybe some nation have something their good at and something they're not good at. I take that as part of how human we are as well as how nations are. As for the comparison with the Japanese, well, at least we know how to cook fish, and they don't.

All photos are credits to this lucky guy who had the chance to see it live!


Luksi Visita said...

Interesting, Japaneses are. Well gundam also interesting, but I not addicted or obsessed yet. I think make gigantic gundam was pretty cool. However, Indonesia might think there is no necessities for the reason behind this which I also agree on this. Indonesia still busy to take care of their own problems, lol

agung prasetyo said...

Agreed, they can build that because they have less problem to deal with. But maybe for tourism reason it is acceptable even for us...and build a low budget statue like 1:1 ants...