Revoltech: Toro

Toro is one of my favorite figure!
He comes from the Revoltech line-ups!
Revoltech is a figure line-up coming from Kaiyodo Company. The fun part of revoltech is the moveable joint that gives us a wide range of pose for the figure. They come with lots of accesories, not so expensive price, and tons of characters! I myself have a lot of revoltech in my collection, and still thinking of adding some more.

For this Revoltech, his name is Inoue Toro! He is from the Doko Demo Issyo (DDI) series of Revoltech. It took me awhile to find out that he is a game character. I don't play the game since it's only available in japanese. It's basically the figure itself that attract me to buy it.

There are three changeable faces for Toro (kinda reminds me of Nendoroids). Each face really captures the expression and emotion of Toro. There are no other accessories included (maybe it's due to the fact that Toro is the first character from DDI) but we can use the other character's accessories.


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