The Wings of Redemption

This is my next attempt on taking pictures of my figures.
Still using the same camera, but now the background is my room's wall. I thought that a piece of paper would look too "clean" for this figures.

The model for this session is Spawn: Wings of Redemption II. It's a statue from Todd McFarlane Toys. Todd McFarlane is an artist who invent and sculpt this product.

Todd McFarlane does not only make Spawn Statues though , he also make Dragon (it's very cool I think), video game characters and movie characters figure. There are also statue of an athlete (damn, this guy is all over the place..).

But personally, I think that Spawn is the coolest line-up from McFarlane...and perhaps I'm not the only one who feel that way, because Spawn is the best seller among the other.

Spawn is a comic book character. The author is McFarlane himself -why am I not surprised-. Usually, McfFrlane releases two series in a year. This one in the picture is coming from the Spawn Classic Series.

Spawn Classic Series is the re-issue of the previous Spawn Statues. This one is The Wings of Redemption II aka. WOR II. the predecessor is of course, -except if you're bloody dumb in math- The Wings of Redemption.

It only takes about two years to make this figure becomes rare and expensive. Similar case happen to the WOR, which right now is very expensive and hard to find.

So, the next time there is a new release, get it before it gets rare...but make sure you got the money first...


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