Revoltech: Tetsujin 28

Just recently I take some picture of my action figure. It's Revoltech's Tetsujin 28.

Tetsujin is a legend. Created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in 1956, several TV adaptation has been made, including the US version called Gigantor. Tetsujin was also mentioned in Urasawa Naoki's 20th Century Boys, where the main character imitate tetsujin as his robot drawing in the year of 1960. Shows how Tetsujin gives much influence in the past as well as the present.At first, Tetsujin was build for military purpose. Things happen, didn't really goes according to plan, then Tetsujin ends up as a civillian robot. The number "28" shows that the construction of the robot has failed 27 times, and finally completed in its 28 attempt. It is remote-controlled, three stories high, and piloted by Shotaro Kaneda.
I really like the classic feel of Tetsujin! its rounded shape, memorable nose, jetpack, simple, clean, and looks strong at the same time! it's eyes show determination, warmness, and kindness. You can call it a robot with a stereotype protagonist style, or you can also call it having all aspect that a hero should have!
As for the action figure, it range from statues to gasaphon, from static figures to movable ones, from more then 30 cm to less than 7. I myself, choose the ones come from revoltech. It is equipped with some changeable Tetsujin's hand, alternative head (one with yelow eye and the other with red), jetpack flame, torn-up elbow, and a stand base. Very photogenic but the shape makes it imbalance and hard to pose. I really like this action figure, from the scale 1 to 10 i'll give Tetsujin a 9.5 (pardon my subjectivity of course :D)

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adit said...

definitely full of subjectivity.. menurutku robot-e koyo permen

agung prasetyo said...

pas aku gigit2 rasanya juga kaya' permen kok...

ini emang tipikal robot jagoan zaman dulu, selalu colorfull! gak cuma tetsujin yang kaya' permen:D