Cast Away (Part III): The Guilty Parties

Today in the Cast put it all simple, today is about getting to know each and every person in my unit!

In the KKN Reguler, we are basically choked by deadlines. The short given time is the main cause of such thing. As a unit, we've met each other at 3rd of July, and we are going to get down to business in the 14th of July. The timeframe between these dates are used for observations, making work programs, and in my opinion, the most important thing, is team bonding. Why do I think its important? When we are already deployed in the village for real (at 14th July) it would be all about executing the program. Which means that the unit should already perform as a team. It need a relax environment to actually knows 8 people that you would work together in 1,5 months. And where we going, the atmosphere would get a little bit more tense. To know them in such condition is a bad idea.

Therefore, me, as a person who really like to skip a meeting :lol: decided that this morning's meeting with the unit is somehow important. Not to talk about the whole KKN thing but to get to know them better.

The first time a meet those eight people, my first opinion is "this group is not so much fun....they we're all...quite". We are not spending a little time that day, we were together for like more than 5 hours, yet, they're still quite. This is not fun. However, today it was all changed. My previous opinion is a true example of a short and untested thoughts that's just flying over in my head. My unit turns out to be just fine (at least up until today that is:D). The Unit consist of 9 people coming from different majors. We have one from Medics, one from psycology, one from pharmacy, one from economy, an IT student, another one from Industrial Engineering, one from Civil Engineering (I don't know if that is the correct English for "Teknik Sipil") and two from Law. That is almost the whole neighborhood of UII. The idea of that is for the unit to e able to help the society in every aspect that there is. The meeting was filled with jokes, non-sense, and stupidity. It's is all I need to see that I'm going to have a great time :lol:

So ladies and gentlemen, here are some short introduction of the guilty parties (based on my memory order):

Ardi (a guy, he study drugs and stuffs). If I describe a person who never wear jeans, having a long beard, always rush his way first to do a prayer, you probably could already see the image. Yup, he's that kinda guy:D But to label him based on his looks is just unfair, because he turns out to have a very nice sense of humor. And the fact that he is an assistant for some lecturer in Pharmacy means that this is a pretty smart dude. This is a good news because drugs is probably something that is important when shit happens. And it is not some field where you can make up a solvency based on abstract thoughts. You gotta have the basic and you need to know just what to do. I really hope this guy could put his knowledge to the test when the time comes

Ika (a girl, if she graduated, she would be a doctor). To imagine her as a doctor based on how se act today, I see a crazy woman treating patients. One of the loudest girl on the group. She actualy take some quiz in facebook and conclude that she would find one of the villagers as her true love --". But in the field of medics, she already shows her ability to know what indication is what

Disa (a girl, study psychology...and I think she needs a psychologist). Another loud one. Don't they have a self curing method in one of their subjects? because seriously, she needs one! I can't say much about her academic ability yet. It hasn't been shown (but she proposes to bring onions to resist vampires --"). Doesn't really matter though, because attitude is all that matter in the end. And I think she has that.

Adi (a guy, a student in the regular program that deals with money) He is an example of a quite guy, didn't talk that much, but when he does, it is nothing but stupidity. I like that! He study economics but knows well about computers and technology. He has some working experience so I think he used to work in a team. He is the treasurer of the unit. Not because he wants to. But it is all a mere consequences of his own choosing to study economy.

Trias (a girl, my former classmate) As a law student, is nice to have one of your own kind to get confused she insist that her nickname is fifi and tell everybody to call her by that name, but I think it's all bullshit. So I still call her Trias or Tri for short. She is the secretary of the unit, and one of her role is accepting sms from our chief and dispatch it to everyone in the group. My biggest concern is that there is a possibility of us having the same idea of a program....hope it won't happen.

Yeta (a girl, she build buildings) . Finally we have someone quite.....she probably carry the biggest burden in my unit. Unlike the others, she is being requested to build a bridge (or at least design it) by the villagers. But burden or no burden she still manage to give interesting idea at the meeting. Nice one!

Terti (usually mistaken as a girl due to his name, the computer geek) He is the Chief of the Unit. Why? it's because he speaks fluent javanese, he talk too much in the first meeting, and he initiate the voting of the leader. For a person that carries a lot of responsibility, he seems pretty relaxed and not forgetting to discuss all of the crucial things. I don't know what the future holds, but I'm sure hoping that he will lead us good.

Ana (a girl, a rare kind in industrial engineering) the most quite person in the team. So there is not much to say about her. But she did laugh at all the jokes that was flying around....well I guess if you can't make jokes then to laugh along with it is something cool! Btw, a person that study biogas a.k.a shitgas and live to tell the story must have something to be proud of :lol:

And the last one is me.....

So that is my Unit, a group of people that I asked and I will give a full cooperation with. My view about them might change in the upcoming days, but I hope that it change to a degree that I respect them more. Because in time of crisis, a true character would reveal itself. Such moment is possible to appear and I can't wait to see how we're gonna handle it:D

If I could choose, I wanna Yoda (coz he's green), Darth Vader (so he could play with Yoda), Optimus Prime (not because he's a robot, it's because he is a talking truck! cool), Homer Simpson (my role model), and Yuki Nagato (alien, powerfull, beautifull:D). But everything is not always go as we want it, so I'll acept the team given to me...i hope they do to.

So how about your team? or what kind of a team do you prefer?