Almost Broke

Yesterday, I did something which I called -in my normal state of consciousness- as : not so smart

Well, you see, I watched this movie called "Knowing". You can check out the review or the synopsis of this movie in many places, but certainly not here. The massage that I get from this movie is how the ability to know the future (especially the disastrous one) is so not cool. Despite the great special effects, explosion, storyline, this movie scared the shitload out of me. I don't really understand's not a horror movie, it's just like any action thriller movies I previously watched.

Therefore, since I go to the Cinema for stress relieving purposes, after "Knowing" is over I decide to watch Disney's "Race to Witch Mountain", a movie about two Aliens and a cab driver (wait, that makes it three Aliens then). But again, you can check out the review and synopsis anywhere but here. Although it have some cool special effects too (movies these days....too dependable with special effects...not that I don't like it though),It's completely in a different class compare to "Knowing". Nevertheless, it was a stress relieving movie.

I went to buy a photo frame for my tanks before getting home. It's just then I realized that I have spent my every single valuable precious piece of paper called money, which mean that I have to survive with no cash until I don't know when.

It's not a problem anymore though! Since today I just received some payment from some work that I've done. Lessons learned that:

1. I have to make sure the amount of money in my wallet, and try not to neglect the fact that there are only few of it;
2. Just because I am a bit stressed after watching a movie about the end of everything (whoops, almost spoil the whole story there :D), it doesn't mean that I have to watch a Disney Movie to balance it (try Dreamwork's instead);
3. It's not wise to watch two movies at the same day! It suck out my money too fast! Better use a Debit Card so I don't feel a thing!
4. Make sure that X-men Origins is not gonna premiere soon! I really want to watch this movie, looking back at my condition yesterday, I almost end up watching only the poster instead of the actual movie;


adit said...

doing that and then bullying and ransacking your friend's house for the adju fees, makes "almost" and understatement.. i think the word "truly and definitely" suits it more :D

agung prasetyo said...

then "truly & definitely" it is :D